Walk through the gate to absolute silence…
MicroOffice is a collection of acoustically protected enclosed workspaces designed by the Czech-based company SilentLab.
microoffice design awards


Why should you consider MICROOFFICE for your next project?
Red Dot 2019 and German Design Award 2020

Awarded by Red Dot in 2019 and German Design Award in 2020.

Upholstery exterior creates the homie cosy look for a more comfortable and pleasant working

Top Acoustic performance

We are acoustic engineers, and we create acoustics that works.

While designing each of our products, we pay crucial attention to acoustic performance.

Premium Natural Materials – Recyclable 99%

Every single component was carefully selected and tested to ensure that we deliver a premium product where every detail matters.

High-end fabrics, acoustic tempered glass, highly functional acoustic materials, premium massive oak

Air Ventilation System
30% - 50% more fresh air

Specially developed by our experts and improved based on our clients’ feedback, our integrated air circulation system can deliver 30 – 50% more fresh air than the market average.

Other feature
Soft sound-absorbing materials on the outside

With our complex view on acoustics, we have decided to use soft sound-absorbing materials on the outside of our products to help with the acoustic comfort in the surrounding environment.


MICROOFFICE is available in four variants